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The wedding is one of the most memorable things that could happen in your life. Hopefully this will only happen once in your lifetime that is why there is no room for failure and mistakes. Most of the couples plan ahead of time just to make their wedding day a memorable one. There are hundreds of details that you need to consider in planning for your wedding. Below are the common things that you need to consider.

Menu Trends

One of the most important things to consider is the choice of food for your wedding reception. When planning for the food menu, incorporate the food that you and your fiancé loves. It is essential to cater the needs of your guests, but it is also a good thing to make your wedding day a reflection of your love and all the things that the two of you enjoy. You can include on your menu foods that are best for the entire guests like cheese platters, fresh herbs and wooden boards. In choosing for a dessert, incorporate the mini version of your favorite dessert so that your guests will enjoy the food.

Choosing the right Venue

Remember to choose the venue that best suits the type of wedding that you and your fiancé like. If you opt to choose a rustic venue, it is better to have an earthly color and you can also use flowers as your decorations.

Make sure as well that all your guests are well-seated and as much as possible don’t make your guests crammed in a very small space. If possible, consult a wedding organiser and find out the venue that best suits your type of wedding. If you are planning for a marquee, you have to remember that it is not a cheaper option for you. An outdoor wedding requires a large marquee to cater all your guests.

Venue Hire Time

Make sure that all the things needed for the wedding are already packed the day before the wedding. This will allow you to avoid cramming and organisers will make it easier to decorate on the venue. If you hire the venue for a period of time, find out as well how much will it cost for you to extend time on the venue, because there are some instances that the guest wants to extend and continue the celebration.

The Weather on your Wedding Day 

The outdoor or garden wedding has been an ideal wedding for many couples. However, make sure that the weather will not be a hindrance. In case of inclement weather, what will you do? You have to make a backup plan in case this thing happens. Although no one wants strong rain on their wedding day, it is better to prepare and anticipate the things that might happen.

Planning for your wedding is quite a hard task to do and requires a keen preparation. Take note of the above things for the preparation of your big day. If you are still unsure about your ideas, better seek help from wedding co-ordinators. They will be helping you with preparations up to and including on your most important wedding day.

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