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Wedding presents an amazing array of decisions. Several things represent a wedding better than a bride wearing a white dress. After all the fittings, salon visits, and changes, it is no wonder that a lot of brides opt to restore their wedding gown after their remarkable wedding day.

However, you will find some brides who are taking a different approach – wearing their wedding gown once more in a much less traditional and careful way for a dramatic photo shoot, widely known as Trashing the Wedding Dress.

Trashing the Wedding Dress talks about photographing the bride in an uncommon location such as farms, city streets, ponds, beaches, abandon establishments, and the like.

Who created the concept Trash the Dress (TTD)?

Did you know that the sought after Las Vegas wedding photographer John Michael Cooper is the one credited with staging the very first trash the dress shoot? After becoming uninterested with more conventional wedding photo sessions, he started to asking the brides to pose after their special day in an unusual and less pristine way. The emotion among most photographers who provide trash the dress shoots is the same. Provide unique photos, which result; it is a win-win situation for photographers and brides alike.

Why You Might Try Trashing the Wedding Dress

It represents freedom

The majority of brides are normally stressed when it comes to picking their wedding dress and having it fit properly. Undertaking the TTD session represents freedom in that the stress associated with the wedding dress, the entire event is over, and now you’re free!!!

Arts at its best

Each trash the wedding dress session goes on to create wonderful wall art particularly when you use a professional wedding photographer who understands all the strategies that photography involved. Further, the artsy vibe, as well as high fashioned linked with this session will truly leave you awed and happy that you undertook the TTD session especially when you hang your pictures on your wall for your visitors to marvel at.

It’s so much fun

Imagine yourself using your creativity and taking images with your wedding dress without any reservations. This is certainly fun because you’ll be able to find creative and photogenic ways to have great photos whether you’re running, on the beach or simply rolling in the mud. Visualize the magnificent photos you can take when swimming with your gown on.

Get more images

This is also an excellent way of having more wedding images in your gallery and this is when they’re taken in uncommon places like the beach, forest or park. Ten or twenty years after, you get to wonder at the photos and thank yourself that you’re able to put your wedding dress into great use rather than allowing it sit in a dusty and dark closet.

Therefore, while a TTD shoot is still unusual, do not allow anyone dictate what your ideal wedding should look like. Don’t worry about what other people will think. Just go for your special day, which symbolises the two of you as a lovely couple and embraces the day with excitement and fun.


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