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Personalised Weddings Couture is the wedding gown haven when it comes to creating breathless couture wedding dresses. However, being couture wedding gown experts they are also able to deliver some valuable advice to brides when it comes to choosing their gowns. After all, it’s a once in a lifetime event (fingers crossed) and you need to make sure that everything is perfect on your most special day. To help you out Personalised Weddings Couture suggested 5 questions that a bride should consider asking before purchasing her dress. Here let us elaborate on each.

The time duration till dress is complete?

It is important for brides to know how long will it take for the wedding dress to be made and completed so that they are not stressed. Many brides underestimate the time it actually takes to construct a couture wedding gown! This could not be any less problematic. Hence, it is always a great idea to not make things last minute, for the sake of your own wedding. Plan well ahead as 12 to 18 months usually is a good time out to start your wedding dress journey.

Which dress will fit my figure?

Of course, it is essential for your dress to complement your figure. You need to know your own body type and the cuts that will suit. You may like one cut over the other, but it really depends on what looks good on you. Perhaps do some research online and consult your wedding dress expert with the problem. Doing these little things are sure to help you out of a tight fix and provide you with the dress that is perfect for your body type. Start collecting images from magazines and from social media well in advance, then go to ready to wear / off the rack wedding dress establishments to try on dresses to familiarise yourself with different styles, after all this is a cheaper way of purchasing your gown already made and with minor alterations might be your preferred way of purchasing. On the other hand if you don’t find something suitable, at least when you come to a place like Personalised Weddings Couture you will then appreciate the materials used, as well as the high workmanship too!

Colour is important!

Besides actual colours, you may be surprised by the variety of whites available. There is ivory, off-white, pure white, and even different kinds of blush available. These colours add diversity to the wedding gown. However, it is really your choice. A dress may look amazing in one tone, but not quite so great in the other. Hence, it’s always a great idea to stay open to the different options while having a specific colour in your mind.


It may seem trivial at first, but the undergarments are very important. For one thing, they need not only to be sexy, but to be a perfect colour. You will be photographed a lot that day and the last thing you need is your panties showing through in an obvious colour. Many couture wedding dresses are made from sheer see-through materials and often back-less that need entirely different bras for support. Perhaps a low back corset bra or adhesive bra would do the trick. However, you need to plan this in advance, as it is highly unlikely that you will find the perfect underwear at the last minute.

What if you losing weight after you have ordered your gown?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions at Personalised Weddings Couture, as it is normal for brides to go down by 3-5 kgs before the wedding even when they are not trying, as ‘stress’ is great weight loss. This is something that can easily adjust. However, if you are actively trying to lose weight it’s best to let the designer know prior so that way adjustments to the dress can be met just before the wedding such as putting on the buttons only a few weeks prior to the big day. Moreover, a dress can be made with a tie up corset style if you are really worrying about the fit as easy to for a wide range of sizes, although at Personalised Weddings Couture nearly 95% brides opt for buttons as a nicer and better look generally.

If you are among those ladies who find it hard to look for the perfect couture wedding dress, then look no further than what Personalised Wedding Couture can offer! They have been doing the different ways of designing bridal gowns since 90’s, giving you an assurance to meet the specific design and style that you want for your wedding gown. So, what are you waiting for? If you want to get the most complimentary wedding dress on the day of your wedding day, don’t hesitate to get in-touch with their professional and skilled designer. You can contact us via email or call on (02)9558-5648, today!

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Personalised Weddings Couture have been designing gowns for brides since the 90’s so if you would like to have a complimentary wedding dress consultation with the designer feel free to call them on (02)9558-5648 or via email

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