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Have you recently got engaged and planning for your big day? Do you want to help your family member or a close friend by contributing to their wedding preparation?

Are you looking for creative ideas to try out at a forthcoming wedding? If so, then look no further because this article is all about the top 11 latest trends to follow at weddings in 2018!!!

A bride and groom start planning for their big day even before the date is decided. Why? Because they want everything to be well-planned and the best, from décor to catering and every minor detail in between. Therefore, most couples opt for a personalised ceremony to make the event unique and memorable for the audience. Do you believe likewise too? Are you looking for creative suggestions to incorporate into your wedding? Listed below are what we think the top 11 latest trends of 2018 to give you wonderful ideas to try out at a wedding. Please read on!

1.Treat your guests with cheeseburgers

Recently, a Personalised Weddings Couture bride Nancy in Sydney, decided to do something innovative on their wedding day and they did! For their love of burgers, plus was their first meal together, the newlyweds served over 300 cheeseburgers from McDonalds at their wedding reception, although the main course was served before the burgers. Not only did this story make it to the news channels, but it also gave us a unique idea to try out at an upcoming wedding.

Are you going to try it?

2. Paddle Pop ice creams

The thought of giving your guests at the end of the reception a lovely surprise after they have had their slice of your beautiful wedding cake, is an ice cream. Here in Australia we have all grown up with Paddle Pop ice creams and served on silver platters is a great touch to say to your guests hey don’t ever forget about our wedding as we thought of everything J.

3. Arm band wings inspired by the famous Victoria Secret 

It’s a dream of every bride to dress the best. If you are also in the same boat, then we have a great idea for you! For a creative yet trendy addition to the dress, you can add arm band wings. The models of Victoria secrets, a top fashion brand, stylishly flaunted this trend on the ramp, and it’s the time for you to try it out like the beautiful Personalised Weddings Couture bride Aleksandra in Sydney did!!!

4. Initials on the bottom of the bride’s heels &/or engraved into their nails
You might have seen a lot of name initials-engraved rings and pendants, and the idea might be outdated already. Fret not as you can still use your and your spouse’s name &/or  initials, but in a more fashionable way! Yes, that’s true! 2018 wedding trend reveals that many couples are engraving the initials either on the bottom of bride’s heels or into the nails. How cool is that?

5. Over skirts to get two different looks

Another great suggestion for all the brides-to-be out there ~ over skirts are back in trend and you should get one for yourself too. Why? Because they are not just stylish, but versatile as well. A detachable skirt gives volume to the dress, and you can always remove it whenever you feel like it. Over skirt is a 2-in-1 dress option to flaunt in 2018.

What are your thoughts on it as seen on this simply stunning Personalised Weddings Couture bride Nicole in Sydney?

Photos by

6. Arrival of the bride &/or groom on speed boat or the bride on balloons

Imagine all the guests waiting for the couple, and the couple gives a dramatic entry? Sounds thrilling already! Our next suggestion on the list revolves around this idea. Make your entry more thrilling and memorable by arriving on a speedboat or through an air balloon or actual balloons like this one went viral and leave everyone in awe. Your wedding will be the new talk of the town. Trust us on this!

7. Fireworks at the reception

Fireworks are trending in 2018 weddings. You can either incorporate them on your entrance, or at the reception party upon arrival of the couple. It will give a fairy-tale look to the whole event, and who doesn’t want a fairy-tale wedding?

8. All about the colours!

For women, 2018 is all about variations in colours. Looking for a great dress style? Choose a white with a nude colour gown! You can also go for lilac design to give your dress a more attractive and fancy appeal. Even a bright happy pink colour. On the other side, men are also becoming trendier this year, and opting for more colors than traditional ones. You will hardly see the groom and male guests wearing black nowadays, which is such a good change. Isn’t it?

9. Instagram #

With the advent of social media and technology of smart phones, 

everyone is a reporter these days filming their lives, so why not take advantage of this?

Couples are doing fun unique ideas of having their guests use certain # which they can 

photograph & tag certain themed wedding activities 

eg. How many times will the groom touch his ring etc.

10. Signature cocktails

Signature cocktails have been in the trend for so long, and this year is no exemption, couples are becoming more creative by opting for really unusual way out signature cocktails. They ask their guests to choose from the drinks section. It’s fun for the guests as well!

11. Wedding selfies 🙂

With the advent of snapchat, facebook & instagram, couples are even doing selfies on their wedding day! We just hope it doesn’t get to the hotel room!!! Brides are producing the best selfies as after all they have been practicing for years knowing their own best and worst angles, so why not when they look their most beautiful to take a couple snaps? Even the app Boomerang gets a go! Happy snapping!!!

That is all for now. We hope you have gathered enough ideas to make your wedding unique and memorable. Happy weddings to you all!!!

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