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Everyone knows one of the rules of any wedding, and that is do not steal the bride’s thunder. But what if your boyfriend proposes to you out of the blue at someone else’s wedding, nonetheless is it okay or is it something that should not be done at all?

Most wedding etiquette professionals unanimously agree that diverting the attention of the guests at somebody else’s wedding to yourself by openly proposing to your girlfriend can come across to many as rudeness. This was the sentiment passed across by internet trolls when a picture surfaced online showing a man on one knee proposing to his girlfriend right in front of the newly wedded couple’s table. ‘What impudence!’ screamed a majority of people who saw the picture. Why would someone upstage somebody else’s wedding that way, even if they are long-time friends? It isn’t fair to the new couple, almost everyone surmised. Another event that went along this line also sparked outrage, and made it all the more atrocious was the fact that the man announced his girlfriend’s pregnancy!

But the truth is people don’t reason the same way. Some individuals will think nothing of such a deed at a joyous event like someone else’s wedding! Others just have this apparently erroneous belief that proposing to their girlfriends on someone else’s special day would make it all the more special for their fiancée. Heck, some go ahead to do whatever they want to do as long as it’s not against the law.

Wedding days are so special that the average person gets to get wedded hopefully once only. The wedding day for a bride and her groom is special, sacred and must not be toiled with in any way. Every guest – friends, families, co-workers – are at the venue to celebrate with them and to wish them well in the marital journey. To some it is not a day for someone – whoever that person is, whether the groom’s man or chief bridesmaid – to steal that day away from the newest couple in town.

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However, like in the recent case of Personalised Weddings Couture’s bride Daniella who herself was only married a couple weeks ago, was proposed to at her future sister inlaw’s wedding, by the bride’s brother towards the end of the night as the bouquet was handed to her. In this case the bride Tara knew all about it prior and not only gave the approval, but helped arrange the surprise proposal as you can see by the delightful vision attached.

So really if you must propose at all on another person’s big day, consider doing it before the wedding, or towards the end and that announcement and should maybe kept on the down low at that.

Therefore the answer to the question “to propose or not to propose at a wedding?” Well, the answer by many in most cases is a NO but a special circumstance like the above where the bride has wanted and encouraged it, well who are we to judge, it’s the bride’s day and if she has no qualms then each to their own decision.

So as some wedding etiquette experts do agree that if you ask for and receive the consent of the new couple, then it is alright or permissible to propose to your girlfriend.

Hope this article helps with your view, so just bear in mind everyone is different with varying opinions, so there is not strict rule but as long as consent is given then everyone should be pleased.

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