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Dress shopping for your dream wedding can be a trying task. We know the stress that goes through a bride’s mind as she tries dress after dress in her attempt to find the one perfect outfit for her special day. Not many women understand the specific cuts that will suit their body type. As a result, they often make the wrong choice which may land them in a tight spot. For these reasons and more, here we describe some basics that will help you understand which dress will suit which body type. Hopefully by following this guide you can find the best wedding dress for your figure.

Find your body type

It’s surprising how many women don’t actually know their body type. In order to find the best wedding dress, you need to first determine what kind of body type you have. Although there are many kinds of figures, the general woman’s body can be grouped into these four groups:

  • Straight, this is if you have shoulder, bust, and hips almost in line with one another. You may not have a defined waist either.
  • Inverted triangle. If your figure comprises of a larger bust than your hips, then you have an inverted triangle figure.
  • Pear, this body has wider hips than the bust and is generally wider in the lower areas.
  • Hourglass, this is when your bust and hips are almost the same sizes but your waist is at least 25% smaller than them.

Now that you know your body figure you can figure out the different cuts of dresses that will go with your body type. Let’s bring them out one by one for your convenience.

The emperor cut

This classic wedding dress has a statement waist that is higher than usual. The skirt usually flows out from the tight waist, giving it a lustrous and vintage look. It makes the perfect choice for the slim and straight figures as it serves to emphasize the upper torso. For women with a pear-shaped body who want to opt for a slimmer look, the flowing skirts are the perfect way to add that added charm to your wedding stylishly.

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A-line cut

This is the perfect cut for women with a pear or an inverted triangle figure. The dress straps close to the upper body giving a slimming effect and then widens into a beautiful A-line towards the ground. The slim-fit cut of the dress works to emphasize your upper body while adding some drama to the bottom which works wonders for your wedding look!

Mermaid dress

If you are looking to show off your feminine hourglass figure, the mermaid cut is the best choice for you. It has a pretty, body-hugging vibe that works to complement your figure and highlight your curves in just the right places. Another cut is the trumpet which is a slight alteration of the mermaid, where the dress flares out from the hips instead of going down all the way.

Ball Gown

The beautiful princess gown is one of the most commonly requested dress cuts for a wedding. We agree that there is something unique about feeling like a queen on your wedding day. These dresses look amazing on almost every figure. Yes, you may have to be cautious if you have a petite figure but small modifications can turn the dress into your own dream gown. Following this theme, you can easily find the best dress for your wedding day that complements your figure. We know you need to look amazing and these dress tips will surely help you on your way.


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