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Are you planning for your big day and searching for the best photography locations in Sydney for your pre-wedding and wedding shots? Sydney is a beautiful city with a lot of famous places that could create lasting memories even after your wedding.

Sydney has a lot to offer to future brides and grooms; it provides a fantastic location that gives intending couples the opportunity to have a wide variety of wedding photos on their big day.

Every couple wants to have wedding photos that look amazing and choosing the best location is critical.  However, before deciding on your wedding photography location, here are some things to consider.

  • Varieties in one location – look for a site that gives you different look in one place, this will save you money and the stress of traveling from one spot to the other.
  • Proximity to your wedding and reception venue – remember that time is a critical factor to consider on your wedding day. Therefore a location that is close to your reception venue is the most ideal.
  • Also look for a location that grants you privacy to relax and take as many shots as possible.

Now, let’s dive in to the location – here is a list of the 14 most sought-after Photography wedding locations in Sydney.

1. Hyde Park

Hyde Park is a central location because it is close to many reception venues in Sydney. Lots of variety within the one location too. Couples can have easy access by cars, so not much walking in your high heels. The overhanging trees at Hyde Park provide a natural filter for light.

2. Observatory Hill

The Observatory Hill is beautiful and another central location to many reception venues. It is less busy with tourists and also offers a unique perspective on the Sydney Harbour.

3. Centennial Park & Reservoir Fields 

The beautiful Centennial Park in the eastern suburbs is a place known for its grand ample spaces and bush background. It provides the best compliment to a garden shoot because it has vast amounts of area and grass land.

The Reservoir Fields is an isolated field located off Oxford Street at the very top of Centennial Park, having lots of areas to film some great unique shots as attached.

4. Sydney University

Sydney University is one of the locations in very high demand. Must be booked in advance. It has vast lawn grasses, sandstone archways and ornate architecture which create artistic lines and frameworks in the photos.

5. Paddington Reservoir

Paddington Reservoir is also a beautiful and now a very popular location for your wedding photo shoot. The multiple layers allow the photographer get different angles from the side and overhead.  The shallow pools also create incredible reflections compliments the sandstone arches.

6. The Rocks & Walsh Bay

The Rocks is an accessible location for wedding photo shoots. The hidden cobble stone laneways and textured sandstone walls produced all the way back from the first fleet and convict days, are things that make the place so special and unique. It is the best location for creating a vintage themed wedding.

Just behind the Rocks is Walsh Bay, which has the piers and also the harbour backgrounds for incredible landscape photography.

7. Luna Park

Growing up from a youngster we all at some stage went to Luna Park for a great day of fun rides & candy floss. Recently re-opened again, it’s a nice place for a reception as well as unique images. Also out side there are nice pier to get some Sydney skline images too!

(These beautiful images were taken by James Goff Photography)

8. Fairground Follies

Wow this is a carnival type venue also used for receptions and can be hired for a shoot with so many rides and unusual items to be filmed next to. This place will be the hit with all your bridal party being a fun affair.

9. The Opera House

The Historical Opera House with images taken on the many stairs and having the Harbour Bridge in the background. Provided taken by the right photographer, the iconic features provides a great shot!

10. Martin Place

Martin Place offers a huge variety of different locations for your wedding photography. It provides expansive shop backgrounds, shaded areas that are perfect for an outdoor photo shoot as well as dramatic arch ways and grand doors. An idea would be to have an additional shoot in any of the grass land areas suggested above, so you have a perfect compliment to the beautiful sandstone & architectural theme.

11. The Hilton ‘Marble Bar’

The classical old style Marble bar at the Hilton in the middle of Sydney city is a great location that you will get unique imagery from your special photographer. It is a good site for some cool timeless wedding photos.

12. Palings Lane

This is an excellent option for wet weather and a luxurious location for your wedding photos. It has decorative features, textures and fancy doorways to use as backdrops. It’s excellent for night photos, especially during the rainy season.

13. Bradley’s Head

This north shore location has a long walkway pier and footpath out to a point with a dramatic backdrop of the spectacular Sydney Skyline. Imagine a large print on your wall of your big day with the Sydney harbour views in the background. A lot of photographer’s use this location so will need to know if your photographer has an annual permit to book it and then you’ll have to wait to get your turn.

14. Watson’s Bay

This is an iconic landmark looking back at the centre of Sydney with a calm beach and walking paved areas, as well as a few unique buildings within walking distance. Tourists flock there on the weekend so as long as you are not the shy type then get ready to be the centre of attention!

So, there you have it – the top 14 photography locations in Sydney for your wedding day. If you’ve been on the look for the best photography locations in Sydney for your wedding day then the above mention locations are there for you! The choice is yours to make.

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