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That is the day old question, well that is for the aspiring bride to be!!!


In the wedding industry, there are times when a wedding vendor. For example, a car hire or florist company hears the word ‘wedding’ and they may then tend to put up their prices for the same car or set of arrangements.

What you have to consider is a well thought out budget of expenditure for your big day. Some couples want to spend less and they put their savings towards their first home and honeymoon. Others won’t cheapen out on the photography services as they feel this is the most keepsake thing they can take away for their big day. Others like our Personalised Weddings Couture clients tend to put the main emphasis on having their dream wedding dress designed from scratch as they having been dreaming of this day from a little girl and have always wanted the princess type wedding, but obviously each to their own!

When it comes to Haute Couture for the bride to be, this style of craftsmanship is of the highest standard, whereby the garment is made in various stages on her taking shape as she requests from the Designer. Usually, it consists of exclusive imported materials such as French beaded laces and these are constructed in this process, so this is not an inexpensive process at all.

With “Ready to Wear” wedding gowns, it will be a process where they are made in bulk primarily from overseas where the labor is inexpensive, hence the price of the gowns are more often than not a lot cheaper than the other alternative of

Haute Couture, so really goes down to where the couples priorities lay in the sense of dollars put towards the dress attire.


If the bride to be is the nervous type, she may have trust issues as been burnt

previously from a past designer and can’t get her head around about having another dress piece designed, then maybe Haute Couture simply is too nerve racking to go through.

You may have only have a minimal number of months to organize your wedding due to unforeseen reasons, so with the really good Haute Couture establishments, they usually require at least a minimum of 6 months. In most cases, a good 12 months’ notice as often the lace can take up to 6 months to produce let alone construct to the individual’s body.


Most of the wedding dresses that do go viral on social media are Haute Couture and are drooled by at the bride to be wanting to have something similar or even more extravagant.

Each to their own!!!

What ever you can afford or simply want to allocate your precious dollars to or it might be a time restraint or even a trust issue, will all determine which way you will lean towards whether it be a Ready to Wear or a Haute Couture wedding dress.

So, what are you still waiting for? When you wish to catch the most flattering wedding dress for one of the most important moments in your life, please feel free to contact their skilled designer. You may get in touch with us through email or please get in touch with us on this number: (02)9558-5648, today!


Personalised Weddings Couture have been designing gowns for brides since the 90’s so if you would like to have a complimentary wedding dress consultation with the designer feel free to call them on (02)9558-5648 or via email

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