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The wedding ceremony venue might look well arranged, but it takes some guardrails to govern some of its activities. There definitely cannot be delays from any angle as everything has to be precise.

The bride and groom getting out of the car and walking down the aisle are being governed by tight rules thereby leaving no room for mistakes. In following the traditional procession for the bride, this comes with importance as it is key to a marriage ceremony.

The newlywed’s car follows a planed route so as to meet the exact timing. The journey starts from the groom’s house thereby making the groom to come early. The driver picks the groom alongside his best man and groomsmen and drives them to church and as a gentleman, he waits for his lovely bride who will probably be at home sorting out her costume, makeovers and so on.

The same driver or additional car/limo will go to the bride’s house to pick the bride and her father up. He (driver) then drives the bride to the anticipating audience who will have probably been waiting to see her.

An additional transportation is also required for her matron of honour, bridesmaids,  page boy and flower girl.

Main thinking of walking down the aisle, the procedures to do that are very calculated. Mistakes must not be evident as it would be better not to engage in a walk up the aisle than doing it and having a mistake.

Some of the closer family guests are also given uniform white ribbons for their vehicles so as to create a wedding cortege that is proper just to follow the cars carrying the bride and groom to the reception immediately the ceremony service is over. It is very important for invited guests and friends of either the bride or the groom to be at the church at the appointed time.

We have the bridesmaid and pages waiting for the bride at the door of the church. The bride arrives, her father assists her out of the car, kisses her and walks her into the ceremony venue after all her bridesmaids, matron of honour, page boy & flower girl have entered.

So, the bridal procession is outlined in this order – in getting to the altar, the bride’s father is going to hand over the bride’s hand to her better-half. The father sits on the first pew and watches the proceedings from there.

A lovely experience it is, the whole drama and beauty is quite overwhelming having understood what and what it takes to conduct a successful bridal procession. This keeps everyone in check starting from the groom to the bride, to the parents and then the driver, down to the bridesmaid and pages to the maid of honor and the best man. Every single person have got to be alert and prepared because the preparation goes a long way in walking out of the car and then entering the ceremony venue.

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