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One of the questions that pops up when planning a wedding has to do with vendors. Wedding vendors play significant roles when it comes to planning a wedding. Therefore, choosing the best one should be near the top of your wedding list.

But how do you know if the wedding vendor you want to hire has any experience?

How do you know that this wedding vendor – probably recommended to you by a friend or family member – can help to turn your wedding dreams into reality?

The first – and possibly the best thing to do in your quest for the perfect wedding vendor is to seek recommendations from family, friends, and acquaintances about wedding vendors who are professional, been around for a long time and genuinely able to create the wedding of your dreams.

In most cases, your family and friends are in the best position to offer sincere advice or opinions about wedding vendors that they have used in the past or someone who they know hired.

Here are some of the questions you should consider asking your wedding vendor before you commit to doing business with them:

How long has the wedding vendor been in business?

It is expected that your wedding vendor should have sufficient experience about weddings and how to go about organising the big day of soon-to-be couples. This will not only showcase them as experts in their craft, but they can also be a well of valuable information in making sure that your wedding goes as planned.

Pricing structure

The price you pay for the services of a wedding vendor should depend primarily on their reputation, experience, and skill set. Generally, the more skilled the wedding vendor is, the higher the price they command depending on how popular they are in demand obviously. You should ask if they have payment plans that would enable you to make periodic payments.

What is the deposit?

Following on from the above, you need to find out what percentage is required for you to make a deposit. Vendors do not have the same modus operandi: some do not want a deposit, which is very rare, while some will need at least ½ of their fees as a deposit while the remaining fee can be paid per month. Other vendors may require that you make an upfront payment of the full price with or without guarantee of a refund – in case something crops up and you need to cancel. Find out and also be free to discuss the terms of the agreement or deposit, especially if the person meets your requirement and you wish to work with them.

Strongly advise you against home businesses that run cash only businesses as if something goes wrong, well then you have no leg to stand on as no records, so no refunds or legal matters against warranted.

Can they work on other days other than Saturdays?

If you want to save money, then consider booking your wedding on other days of the week instead of on Saturdays. This is because nearly all vendors can readily agree to offer you a discount pricing on weekday events.

Find out from the vendor if they are willing to do so, as incase the case of the venue they are always welcoming additional weddings during the week as with Fridays they are always a good cheaper option.

Can your wedding vendor point out recent clients they have worked with in the past?

Ask for the contact details of recent clients they have worked with in the past and go ahead to get in touch with them to verify the authenticity of the wedding vendor. This will confirm that they – the vendor have enough experience as claimed and this will further put your mind at rest.

See if they have a strong social media presence as often this will enable you to learn from their clients with their comments of their facebook & insta postings.

Is their website a good representation from how you see your wedding to have the same high standards and are their good informative testimonials for clients on there too.


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