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Weddings are memorable days in any woman’s life, and perhaps the most significant celebration you will ever have in your lifetime. When you wear your dream wedding dress, the entire ceremony becomes a heavenly experience. This is why choosing the best wedding dress that fits your budget is essential. The bride is the cynosure of all eyes at any wedding, and it only makes sense to wear something special to commemorate your big day.

Therefore, here are seven tips to help you choose your dream wedding dress:

1. Set your budget or price limit

Wedding dresses are always available, depending on how deep or shallow your pocket (or purse) is. So the best thing to do even before you start shopping for your dream wedding dress is to set a budget. When you visit a bridal boutique, don’t allow the salespersons to sell you a wedding dress that is far above your budget, because some  will make that attempt. Maybe give them a price quote that is about 20-30% less than your planned budget.

2. Consider buying a second-hand wedding dress

Okay, you may not have expected this, but the truth is that despite the fact that your wedding dress is probably going to be the most beautiful and expensive piece of clothing in your wardrobe, you will only get to wear it once. Buying a pre-owned wedding dress doesn’t mean you wouldn’t get to buy a well-made and intricately structured wedding dress. You will be surprised at finding the high-end wedding dresses from designer brands at a fraction of its original price sitting prettily at a bridal shop. So go for it. This is one of the best sites for pre-loved wedding gowns;

3. Try different styles

Be willing to try on different styles so that you can settle on the best one that accentuates your figure. Don’t be tempted to try every wedding dress under the sun before deciding on the one you will like to purchase. The majority of wedding dress stores approx. 90% are ready to wear opposed to only 10% couture i.e. made to measure.

4. Are you comfortable when you wear the wedding dress?

Just because you need to appear trendy doesn’t mean that you should go for a wedding dress that is uncomfortable. It’s okay to go for a fashionable gown, but never sacrifice comfort for stylishness. Can you walk comfortably without tripping? Are you old-fashioned? Then select a dress that you can wear comfortably in public.

5. What do you want? Go for it!

This point was touched on briefly before now, but needs more emphasis. You need to know what you are looking for in a wedding gown even before you leave your home. You can go online and browse through numerous online stores until you find the dream wedding dress that is within your budget. Then, with that idea in your head, or if you like, download the pictures and save them on your smartphone, you can step up to any bridal shop. You need to be firm regarding what you want in a wedding dress or the salespeople at the bridal shop will sell you their idea of their perfect wedding dress.

6. Visit bridal stores during the week

If you can spare a few hours, you should consider visiting that bridal shop during the week, i.e., on weekdays as you will be able to get the full attention of the shop attendants or sales assistants. Weekends are nearly always busy, and you may end up leaving in frustration if the attendants are too busy to give you one hundred percent attention.

7. Make your headpiece

Bridal headpieces, combs, and tiaras can cost a small fortune. Therefore, you may need to be a little creative by going online to learn how to make one of your own. Alternatively, you can always rent a bridal headpiece from a consignment or resale store.

We hope you found these wedding dress tips useful. We wish you all the best in your married life!

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