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Marriage is a very serious institution that shouldn’t be joked with. To ensure that you are on the right track, you must ensure that you get married to your soul mate, your lover, and your friend!!!  Someone that complements you, stay by your side in any situation good or bad, make you smile at all times and also adore you at all times.

Most times, love at first sight leads people to marriage and at the long run, the love begins to fade up, troubles here and there and sometimes divorce sets in. This can never happen if you marry your soul mate. But how do you find out that if the person you’re about to get married to is really your soul mate? In this, article, we’ve put together seven signs that indicates that you’re marrying your soul mate.

Let’s begin:

1. Having Emotional Connection

A soul mate should be someone you have an emotional relationship with, someone who makes you feel happy and someone you can relate to freely. A person whom you aren’t connected to emotionally cannot be your soul mate.

2. Someone you can communicate with freely

Being able to talk about anything and everything with your partner is a strong signal that you are marrying your soul mate. Also, settling misunderstanding between you and your soul mate shouldn’t be a big deal.

3. Someone you value

When you place serious value on a person, it could be a sign that you are on the right track. Value cannot be separated from love, where there is love there is value.

4. When there is mutual respect between you and your spouse

There must be mutual respect between you and your spouse because respect and love go hand in hand. One that doesn’t respect you might be comfortable hitting you, calling you names and make you face both emotional and physical abuse. Therefore it is essential to make sure you are marrying someone who respects you.

5. Someone you trust entirely

Your soul mate must be someone you trust completely. Trust issues could be the bases for a broken relationship, and once there is no trust in the relationship, it is as good as dead, therefore make sure you are getting married to someone you trust entirely.

6. When you are inseparable from the person

A soul mate should be someone you can’t do without, someone you can’t imagine your life without. Your soul mate should be someone you consider a priority not an option or an alternative. Being inseparable makes it more difficult to ever think of a break up even when you are offended, or when they hurt you so bad.

7. Someone you love

Your soul mate should be someone you truly love and have affections for, not just some random flings, ask yourself honest questions like, am I truly in love with this person? Will I still be in love with them in the next ten years? Am I dating them for material gains? This would help in sharpening your mind and decisions, it is wrong to marry someone you do not truly love, and it may result in a lifetime of unhappiness.

Finally, you must continuously work on building your relationship to make it the very best. Do not rush into marriage, so ensure that you have found the right person before settling down.

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