The ins & outs of the dress


17 aug 2017


Your wedding day is a chance for you to feel like absolute royalty and what better way to do that, than to choose the perfect wedding crown. From understated elegance to captivating glamour, there is a crown for every bride. Read our guide to the ultimate wedding accessory and choose the perfect crown for you.

From the moment Kate Middleton walked down the aisle in a beautiful Cartier headpiece, the wedding tiara quickly became a popular statement piece for brides around the globe.

If you’re trying to decide if a wedding crown will suit your look, then a few things to think about are the design of your dress, the venue and the theme of the wedding. If you’re choosing to have a low-key wedding, then a crown may look a little out of place. However, if you’ve chosen a more formal setting for your special day, then a crown could be the perfect touch.

Once you’ve decided that a wedding crown is the perfect accessory to compliment your look, it then becomes a matter of deciding on the right style.

From regal to wreath to wishbone, there are so many captivating designs to choose from. To help you decide, we recommend a few easy tips.

Take a look at your wedding gown. If your dress reflects understated elegance, then a more detailed headpiece could work beautifully with your look. In comparison, if your dress is intricate and a showstopper on it’s own, then a finer wishbone tiara may be for you.

The next step is to speak with your hair stylist and discuss various looks that would compliment different styles of crowns. This will help you achieve an idea around your complete wedding day look and will prevent any surprises from happening on the day.

Then finally, all you have to do is wear your crown with an air of confidence and enjoy feeling like a princess on your very special day.

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