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Which dress will suit my body?

14 jul 2017

Which dress will suit my body?

Brides come in all shapes and sizes, and so should their dresses.
When it comes to your wedding, you want a dress that not only suits your body type, but FLATTERS it.
And while it's hard to put your body in a box (so to speak) because every figure is unique,
we've put together this handy little guide on which dress is perfect for your body type.


Am I an Hourglass?
You're an hourglass shape if your top and bottom halves are equally balanced with visible definition around your waist.

What dress should I wear?
Show it off, sister! You look good in anything – so flaunt it.
You'll particularly suit a sweetheart neckline, bodice gowns and mermaid shapes that really accentuate your figure.


Am I a Pear?
You are if you're smaller on top than on the bottom – with hips wider than shoulders.

What dress should I wear?
You want to emphasise your top half, so princess cuts and empire line dresses work well. Avoid trumpet and mermaid style dresses.

Am I an Apple?
You're an apple if you're a little more voluptuous than most, with full breasts and thinner hips and legs.

What dress should I wear?
A-line and empire-line dresses were INVENTED for you! They'll give you a lovely lean look and keep the focus on your best assets.


Am I Slim and Lean?
Whether you're short or tall, Slim and Lean girls have a ballerina's body with an undefined waist.

What dress should I wear?
Sheath gowns and fitted dresses with high necklines will look gorgeous on you and flatter your slender shape.


Am I Petiite?
Yes, if you're on the shorter side with a small frame.

What dress should I wear?
Keep it simple. Don't overwhelm your figure with lots of materials and large ballgowns.
Rather, opt for sheath dresses and narrow A-lines for shapes that complement you.


Am I a Tall Glass of Water?
If you're as tall as Kendall Jenner, yes.

What dress should I wear?
Lucky you! You can pull off almost whatever you like – but mermaid styles work particularly well in your favour.
Try to avoid empire line dresses, which risk looking tent-like on willowy frames.

Now the fun part… the wedding dress selection process begins!