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What is Haute Couture?

21 sep 2017

What is Haute Couture?

Often referred as high end sewing or high dress making, Haute Couture means that a garment is fitted with the exact shape of the client. This is usually made with corsetry that is made by the capable and experienced sewers. The sewing process is made according to detail that is combined with difficult sewing techniques.

This is made from start to finish and ends like a glove to the hand of the client. Private clients who want to have designed fittings could have Haute Couture as one of the best processes wherein they could achieve a fashionable look.

Origin of Haute Couture

Haute Couture is one of the most misused words in the fashion industry. Since then, its usage is protected by the law governing France, The Paris Chamber of Commerce in respect to the correct and fashionable connotations of the word.

Often the term is used in the upper market world as a word that gives an exotic meaning to the brand the sellers are selling. This means that the term makes an apparel look exotic than the real look that is intended for the dress.

Personalised Weddings Couture

For couples who are planning for their wedding, Personalised Weddings Couture offers a designer who discusses the process of high end sewing to the bride client. Here, the soon-to-be-bride sits for an hour with the designer.

The discussion would revolve around the kind of fabrics to be used, the measurement of the bride’s body and the laces. This is an important part as it gives a great design to the fitting. Also, the wedding budget would be discussed and the style that is suited to the bride.

Once the bride likes the price and style shown to her, an agreement would be made between the bride and Personalised Weddings Couture. There would be a contract signing that assures the agreement is valid. The design made should not only suit the bride but also give her the assurance the design would still be perfect on the wedding day.


Now, we would talk about the kinds of fitting that is made in Haute Couture which is the following:

Calico Fitting

This fitting is made from a doily material that means the actual fabric would not be used. However, the right pattern and style are made that is similar to the process used in the fabric. Since 90% of the brides are doing weight loss treatments, this is perfect as the design would tend to be smaller as the final touches to the dress are made. Thus, a great look would be achieved by the bride.


First Top Fitting

This one describes the First Top Fitting wherein the fabric is now constructed to give shape and design to the fitting. In this process, high-quality materials are used such as the Silk Dupion. This is compared to the Satin materials that are quite inexpensive.

Second Top Fitting 

In this fitting, you could see that there are a few changes made from the previous fitting. One of the given changes is the position of the laces of the bodice. The bride would determine where the laces would be put. The position to be made is rough to ensure that the succeeding fittings would be accurate and a success. Hence, the bride would have an elegant look.

Pinned Lace Fitting

In this fitting, the bride now observes the laces are present to her bodice. The lace gives not only an attractive look but also a great way to see the perfect shape of the bride unfold before her eyes. In addition, the design would be seen in an attractive way similar to the design that the bride wants. This is perfect as the design and the look match the expectations of the client.

Now, we move on the next fitting.

Sewn Lace Fitting

On this part, the lace is sewn on the right position and the bride is ready to face the designer. At this point, the skirt would be discussed that is very important in the next fitting. When the bodice has the laces and the right design, the next fittings would surely give you a big surprise.

Skirt Fitting

At this point, you could see that there is a beautiful gown that is taking shape.  Here at Personalised Weddings Couture, the wedding dress skirt part is made is 20 or 30 % bigger than the bride has requested. This is due to the fact the bride has a chance to see if she looks good in the mirror or not. The skirt is visible so are slightly the wedding shoes. The skirt should have the correct length so that it would not affect the overall look of the wedding dress. By having the skirt bigger than expected, then layers can be cut out to the desired affect the bride requests.

The look of the fuller ballgown wedding dress has been so popular here at Personalised Weddings Couture ~ made during the 90’s – the years that the couture business started.

Final Fitting

This fitting is made 3 to 4 weeks before the actual wedding. This is made to ensure that any change in the bride’s weight loss would not affect the size of the dress. If there are some changes on the gown, adjustments are made with the help of the designer.  The right adjustments are made sooner depending on the actual wedding date.

Your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life so you have to make it special. It would be a great idea if you choose one of the best companies around such as Personalised Weddings Couture to give you the right and excellent fitting you need. Our award winning company is sure to give you a great service that leads you to satisfaction. You would not only feel grateful but guaranteed to have an amazing wedding experience you would never forget.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to get the most complimentary wedding dress on the day of your wedding day, don’t hesitate to get in-touch with our professional and skilled designer. You can contact us via email or call on (02)9558-5648, today!