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Wedding of the Week ~ Tara & Jason

16 feb 2017

Wedding of the Week:

Tara and Jason found

love after meeting

while on duty

The Sunday Telegraph

LESS the stars aligning, the magic moment for

armed services personnel Tara Riley and Jason Rowe

was finding their bucket lists in alignment when

they met at a military training course in 2012.

“We share a passion for adventure,” Tara says.

“Climbing Everest was at the top on both

our bucket lists.”

Tara, who signed up as a bosun’s mate with the

Navy eight years ago, and Jason who joined the

Air Force eight years ago as an air ground defender,

met during a suitability course for defence force

physical training instructors in September 2012.

Tara and Jason met while on a military
training course.
Picture: Splendid Wedding Photography

Also sharing a common interest in fitness food,

and a “love for life”, Tara says Jason’s

“kind heart won me over”, while Tara’s

“drive for life” was a key attraction for Jason,

who proposed on the morning of Tara’s birthday

on May 31, 2015.

“He took me up in a hot-air balloon over my

home town at Camden,” Tara says.

“The balloon pilot said ‘Oh, this is the point

where we ask for birthdays, anniversaries, and

even proposals, does anyone want to propose?’

“And just like that Jason did, with my best friend

in the balloon filming it.”

Jason was familiar with Tara’s dream ring,

a pear-shaped diamond surrounded by pink

diamonds with a retail price of $200,000.

“He planned ahead and had a replica ring made

overseas, which a friend of ours on a foreign

posting brought back for him,” Tara says.

“My ring is rose gold with a pear-shaped

diamond, surrounded by pink sapphires.”

Jason bought Tara’s dream ring with
a retail price of $200,000.
Picture: Splendid Wedding Photography
While Tara found her dream dress for
more than $20,000.
Picture: Splendid Wedding Photography

When Tara discovered her dream dress from

Israeli designer Inbal Dror retailed at $22,000 in

Australia, she consulted Personalised Weddings

at Earlwood, who created a similar design in

white organza and French lace.

“I took a photo along and then we put a bit

of a spin on it,” she says. “The skirt was fuller

and better than the original,

but my crown headdress was my favourite part.”

Jason opted for a black-trimmed white

shawl-collar tuxedo jacket over black pants.

Tara and Jason’s wedding ceremony was held

outdoors at Miramare Gardens at Terry Hills,

attended by six bridesmaids and five groomsmen.

The six bridesmaids and five groomsmen.
Picture: Splendid Wedding Photography
The beautiful bridesmaids dressed in white.
Picture: Splendid Wedding Photography

Their reception for 120 guests, including relatives

of Tara’s mother who travelled from the Philippines,

at Miramare Gardens reception centre featured

a gold, black, white and marble decor,

highlighted by baskets of flowing greenery.

A saxophone player and a DJ provided entertainment.

Tara and Jason chose a cover of I’m Gonna Be

(500 Miles) by Sleeping At Last for their bridal waltz,

switching halfway through to the original version

by the Proclaimers, so “everyone could have a fun dance”.

Although their sentimental highlight of the day

was walking down the aisle to see each other,

perhaps the most memorable moment was when

Tara tossed her bouquet as the DJ played

Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) by Beyonce,

changing to Marry Me by Train.

Cutting the cake to the applause of the crowd.
Picture: Splendid Wedding Photography
The first dance as a married couple.
Picture: Splendid Wedding Photography

“I handed the bouquet to my brother Sean’s

girlfriend Daniella, then spun her round,”

Tara says. “My brother was on one knee behind her,

ready to propose to her.”

Although some mutual friends later admitted

being dubious about a proposal at a wedding,

Tara admits to organising the (successful)

proposal with her brother during

her wedding planning.

Tara and Jason used their honeymoon to tick

a life event off their joint bucket list, spending

two weeks climbing Mt Kilimanjaro.

What more could a bride want?
Picture: Splendid Wedding Photography
The glamorous setting for the beautiful couple.
Picture: Splendid Wedding Photography