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Unusual places to marry

25 jan 2018

Unusual places to marry

Your wedding is the biggest and most special day of your life and it doesn’t have to be as traditional as you think. Where you get married today is as much a part of the wedding as the dress and the couple. Here are some of the most unusual or different places in which to tie the knot.

In the theatre

For those with a bit of drama in them or for those with the acting bug getting married on stage in a theatre has to be one of the most unusual places to get married. Saying your vows on stage to a seated audience is really something special and is sure to be a wedding few will ever forget.

A theme park

If you still want some fun a theme park may work for you. Luna Park & Fairground Follies in Alexandria have been offering different wedding packages for decades and more and more theme parks and amusement parks have cottoned on. Today you can get married on a ferris wheel, carousel or even a rollercoaster the choice is yours.

Other places may include;

In a castle or palace

With a British Royal Wedding on the cards palaces and castles will again come into vogue as ideal wedding venues. Unlike the Royal Family who have a host of palaces and castles at their disposal the average couple does not. However, there are plenty of castles and palaces that do hire out rooms and gardens for weddings and some are more famous than you may imagine. If you want to get married in a dream castle, just Google and you will find some outstanding places.

In an ice cave

This is a little more adventurous and is rather romantic in its own way. A growing number of couples are choosing to get married in ice caves or near glaciers and this is something truly magical. The ice caves are not always easy to reach and if your dream is a warm, sunny wedding this may not work for you.


A number of aquariums around the world are offering a unique wedding experience that is sure to impress. Getting married under water surrounded by sea life and in some cases dangerous sharks is a wedding experience few people can or will ever forget. This is a growing and popular place to get married.

At the zoo

If getting married underwater is not for you but you still want some wildlife a zoo makes a great place to get married. Some people may want to get married with reptiles or spiders and others with Rhino or Giraffe. Some will even want to get married with some chimpanzees. Zoos are all over the world are opening up to weddings as a good source of income so maybe it will work for you.

The choice of where you get married is entirely yours, but if you feel like something saying I do somewhere unusual these days pretty much anything goes.

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