The ins & outs of the dress

The Struggle Is Real

15 jun 2017

Putting on your wedding dress isn't like putting on just any other dress. From the weight of the gown to the intricate detailing, the form-fitting structure and myriad of buttons – it's a two-person job at the very least, and a full team effort in most cases. Arm yourself with this helpful advice so you can slip into your gown like the goddess you are.

BRIDAL TOOLKIT Your main goal when getting dressed (aside from keeping your dress intact, of course) is keeping it clean. White gloves come in handy, a crochet hook helps with buttons and a clean white towel adds a protective layer if you're planning on eating or drinking before you make your grand reveal.

STEPPING IN When it's time to get the gown on, place a white sheet on the floor and your shoes on top of it. Put your unbuttoned gown over your shoes and have a bridesmaid hold the dress open and support you as you slowly step into it one leg at a time – placing your feet in your shoes as you do so.

GETTING COMFORTABLE As you move around, it's vital to keep your gown off the ground to avoid any tears or stains. If you want to lift your dress without the help of your trusty bridesmaids, bend a tiny bit at the knees and softly gather the sides of your skirt in each hand - then slowly lift it away from the ground.

Here are some photos of our beautiful bride Marie and her (very helpful!) bridal party putting in the hard yards to get her figure-hugging couture gown on... hey, it fits like a glove, after all! Kudos to the ladies for this epic showcase of team work.