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Should I sell my wedding dress?

30 aug 2016

Every girl wants her wedding to be a fairytale experience.

A day where you leave behind the mundane things of life, and step into a fantasy … the beautiful princess in her couture wedding dress and the handsome prince come together to celebrate their eternal love.

It’s pure bliss …

But the reality is, after the big day has passed and the honeymoon is over, that fairytale wedding may feel like a lifetime ago. And so, you get out the wedding photos, watch the wedding video, and talk about how amazing you both felt.

But what about that incredible couture wedding dress that got everyone talking on your wedding day? Should you hold onto it … or should you let it go?

Three questions to ask about your wedding dress before you sell it

If you’re thinking about selling your wedding dress, here’s three important questions to ask yourself before you do:

  • Am I comfortable having another bride wear my wedding dress down the aisle?
  • Am I willing to say goodbye to the wedding dress, knowing it will be lost FOREVER?
  • Do l want to pass on my wedding dress in the future to my daughter, a friend or someone else I love?

How to sell your wedding dress

If you’ve asked those questions, and decided you’re happy to let go of your wedding dress, there’s plenty of ways to sell.

Start by searching online for stores that sell pre-loved wedding gowns. They’ll charge a percentage of the agreed selling price, but will look after all the selling which makes it easy for you.

The other method is to sell your wedding dress online on a site like Still White, Gum Tree or eBay.

If you decide not to sell your wedding dress

If the thought of selling your dream wedding dress doesn’t sit well with you (which is the case for the majority of Personalised Weddings Couture brides, then you’ll need to make sure you look after it.

We recommend dry-cleaning and preserving the wedding dress in a box, which ensures it will be in excellent condition for anyone you might choose to share it with in the future (or for you to pull out and marvel at anytime!). Cleaning professionally and storing in a box means your dress is far less likely to deteriorate or discolour.

What will you do with your wedding dress?

In the end, whether to sell or keep your wedding dress is a personal choice. You need to weigh up the emotional and financial reasons, and make a decision that’s right for you.