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Should I pay to try on a wedding dress?

31 aug 2016

Do you remember the movie Muriel’s Wedding? The hapless star of the film loved trying on wedding dresses … not because she was actually getting married, it was just for the fun of it.

And like Muriel, there’s plenty of girls and women in Sydney and beyond who spend countless hours in wedding boutiques playing a grown-up form of “dress-ups”, with no intention of ever buying what they try on.

What’s a wedding designer to do?

For some high-end designers, the answer is charging brides-to-be, hundreds of dollars to try on wedding dresses.

Are people really paying to try on wedding dresses?

Designers and bridal store owners in the UK and New Zealand routinely charge for first-time visits and now a growing number of wedding dress businesses in Australia are following suit. According to an article in the Daily Telegraph….

  • One well-known designer charges $350 for a two-visit consultation with women interested in buying one of his wedding gowns, which are priced from $8000. He says the charge, which is deducted from a purchase, is a good way to determine if customers are serious about buying.
  • A bridal store owner in Neutral Bay recently began charging $75 if a person cancelled within 24 hours of a consultation.
  • The owner of another store in Sydney’s North says ,”… if we all agreed that we’d charge $50 for trying on, it would cover dry-cleaning and any repairs.”

Personalised Weddings Couture never charges a fee to try on a couple wedding dresses during your first consultation 

Some women visit multiple stores before deciding on a dress. That adds up to a heavy bill for trying on wedding dresses!

We believe that genuine brides-to-be shouldn’t be punished because of the behaviour of time wasters. That just doesn’t seem fair.

That’s why Personalised Weddings Couture never charge a fee to try on or discuss wedding dresses, unless their is a second consultation involved.

As one of Sydney’s only true haute couture bridal boutiques, we invite you to make an appointment , and be assured we’ll never charge you for the pleasure!