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Australian designers reveal their creations

26 jan 2017

Pippa Middleton’s wedding dress

SHE all but stole the show at the wedding of the century, now everyone is eager to see whether Pippa Middleton can go one better when she walks down the aisle.

The Sunday Telegraph asked one of Sydney’s top wedding designers what they would create for this style queen.


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I WOULD put Pippa into a fishtail shape, in duchess silk, with at least a 5m godet train to make a dramatic entrance at the ceremony.

A godet train is an inverted shape — imagine a long train in the shape of a pear — and it’s sewn into the dress to give it better shape. I would make it detachable for the reception, but there would be a little sweep, about half a metre, so she still has a little train.

It would be strapless, cut straight across, with three-quarter lace sleeves that start from the neckline so her décolletage and shoulders are exposed.

The whole dress would be covered in a sophisticated French corded lace overlay. I would make it in soft ivory, because her sister wore white.

It’s not figure hugging but still shows off her shape and is a bit younger and funkier than Kate’s dress.