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14 sep 2017

New Wedding Dress Ideas


At Personalised Wedding Couture, we can create various unique looks just right for your wedding gown. In fact, we are constantly designing and creating wider over skirts together with a detachable lace décolletage. In that way, a bride can shine constantly beautiful for the whole day celebration of her wedding. During the night, you can just remove the layer, allowing you to have a dramatic and unique haute couture looks.

At Personalised Weddings Couture, you will never fail or get disappointed with your haute couture wedding gown, which will allow you to look more beautiful and have a stunning look during your wedding day. It’s because all their designs are personalised and unique, giving you an assurance that your wedding gown will perfectly match to your own beauty.


Personalised Weddings Couture have been doing the designing aspects for more than 2 decades. We always aim to provide only the best couture gown for every bride! We really understand how important it is for every woman to get married, and helping them out to find the best and stunning look wedding dress can truly make them happy and satisfied of the service that we are offering. Our passion in producing different unique designs for example two-in-one wedding gowns can truly make a huge difference to every bride. The addition of custom made matching lace gloves like the most recent lovely bride Stav displays here.

There’s no doubt that when most women think of their weddings, they often think that among all the expenses that they’re going to make for their wedding; usually the gown is one of the most expensive. Well, Personalised Weddings Couture can make a gown that will not only meet the desire of your heart, but also assist you with meeting your budget for your wedding gown. This is especially true if you want to have a two-in-one style of gown.


The trend of two-in-one haute couture wedding gown can bring a great advantage because you don’t need to worry of buying another new dress that you can wear after the wedding ceremony. It is only because a two-in-one haute couture wedding gown that is available today can be worn as one, and you can just simply remove the first layer, and you’re ready for your wedding reception!


In addition to that, two-in-one haute couture wedding gowns are usually more comfortable to wear, preventing the bride to easily get haggard carrying her gown, after the wedding ceremony, while taking pictures with her family, friends and loved ones. The second cocktail dress inside the wedding gown is often more comfortable to wear, and allowing the bride to stand-out.


The beginning of a huge range looks for a bride’s gown is now in trend. In fact, most people believed that this would become more popular in the coming years. It’s always affordable to make layers if compared to producing two that are totally different. That’s also one of the main reasons why layer wedding gown options are more favorable of most women. However, the guests have been blown away of all the various looks.


If you are among those ladies who find it hard to look for the perfect two-in-one wedding haute couture wedding dress, look no further than what Personalised Wedding Couture can offer! We have been doing the different ways of designing bridal gowns since 90’s, giving you an assurance to meet the specific design and style that you want for your wedding gown.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to get the most complimentary wedding dress on the day of your wedding day, don’t hesitate to get in-touch with our professional and skilled designer. You can contact us via email or call on (02)9558-5648, today!