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Cheap Lace vs Quality Lace

11 aug 2017

Cheap Lace vs Quality Lace

Lace-making dates back centuries and it’s captivating aesthetic makes it a beautiful feature on wedding gowns. This elegant fabric has a look for every bride, from romantic to cutting-edge, there is no questioning the diversity of lace. However, there is one thing you will want to stay consistent and that is the quality of the lace you choose for your wedding gown.

There are two ways lace is made and this alters the quality of the fabric. Lace can either be made by hand or machine made. Handmade laces are commonly made from cotton thread, compared to machine made laces which are made from synthetic materials.

Choosing a handmade lace is important to ensure comfort on your wedding day, as it will provide a soft texture for you to feel comfortable throughout the day. A machine made lace will be more irritable for your skin and will have a plastic-like finish if it’s made from synthetic materials.

For those with a smaller budget, another option is to consider choosing a dress with lace appliques, which are sewn directly to the wedding dress. This will provide you with the same quality of lace on your gown, for a more affordable price.

The best way to identify a quality lace is by taking a look at the lace netting. You should be able to see a dense pattern that has very little netting exposed. Another easy tip is to look at the lace as if you were looking at the resolution of a photograph. The pattern detailed in the lace should be clearly defined and easy to see, without any blurry edges.

By choosing a true haute couture bridal atelier, you will be guaranteed world-class expertise and quality fabrics sourced from the finest textile mills.