The ins & outs of the dress


29 jun 2017


Your first foray into wedding dress world can be overwhelming. All the different styles! All the different fabrics! All the different shades! But if there are two things that need to be really customised to you – its the fit of a dress to enhance your silhouette, and the colour of a dress to lift your skin tone.

Experts say that on your wedding day, colour is the first first people will notice about you. So, let's get you educated about what's best for your skin tone.

FAIR SKIN If you have the complexion of a blushing English Rose, your best bet is yellow-toned ivory dresses that complement your porcelain skin.

MEDIUM SKIN If your skin tans easily without burning easily, you have medium-toned skin. Dresses with a cream undertone with beautifully complement your complexion.

PINK UNDERTONES Medium pale skin with pink undertones call for an ivory wedding dress to bring out your natural beauty and not wash you out.

YELLOW UNDERTONES Skin with yellow undertones? A Champagne coloured dress has your name on it!

OLIVE SKIN Bright whites and rum pinks look best on olive-skinned gals. Steer clear of yellow-toned dresses – they'll bring out the green in your skin tone.

DARKER SKIN You're in luck! If you have darker skin, almost everything suits you. Winning!

Whatever your skin tone, Personalised Weddings Couture can help you find the best match for you. Get in touch if you'd like to organise a FREE initial consultation!